20 years old, bi and has a lot of loki-feels. INFJ, nurse in training.

Kipnapped by the secret sheriff police to Night Vale, obsessed with FROSTIRON, Game of Thrones, Hiddles and much more
(like a fallen angel and his hunter... *cough*).

Currently in a semi-hiatus. A Gurl gotta learn! *cough*

To go or not to go…?

A friend of mine wants to go to the fantasy-convention in Bonn to see some members of Starkid (no Darren Criss unfortunately) and maybe even attend the concert (not Starkid) afterwards.

Thing is, I have yet to read Tolkien (The convention this year IS basically 90% Hobbit), it isn’t exactly in the neighborhood and it kind of… costly? (~40€ without the train ride, food etc….)

But is has actors from like Tonks, Sam, Frodo, Ronon,….(and Games of Thrones, but I haven’t read/watched it yet).

BUUUUUT she isn’t exactly a …. nerd, and I can’t really nerd/geek out with her together/there… :/

What to do…..