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Kipnapped by the secret sheriff police to Night Vale, obsessed with FROSTIRON, Game of Thrones, Hiddles and much more
(like a fallen angel and his hunter... *cough*).

Currently in a semi-hiatus. A Gurl gotta learn! *cough*





“I keep rearranging the letters of my sisters The Beatles sign on her bedroom door.

She is not happy.” 

I’ve given up trying to make them normal.


ok and now there’s another one


i didnt know the beatles could become so many words

Eh seatbelt


seen a few of these going around so i thought id make my own

Sleepy Hollow meme // [1/1] Ichabod Crane

"Five-second recap: Revolutionary War soldier. His wife put a spell on him; he wakes up two centuries later. Now he’s here. How’s that for believing?"

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But he did care, and I loved him for that.
— 10 word story

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Defend Hannah at all costs


Defend Hannah at all costs


that’s actually my number one tip for how to support your mentally ill friend/partner/family member, being prepared to repeat yourself a lot. regardless of individual diagnosis almost all of us need people to be patient with us, because there are some facts that might seem evident to you that just won’t stick in our brains, be it “you are a good person deserving of love” or “your medication is working” or “you are not being pursued by demons”. often we are aware that we are having the same conversations over and over and often we feel bad about it. be gentle with us


Why do straight people feel the need to be rewarded for accepting gay people? Congrats on doing what is inherently correct your reward is: being a functional member of society


Every time I see gifs of this scene in season 4


I keep thinking about this line from Stiles in season 2

"You see, death doesn’t happen to you. It happens to everyone around you, okay? To all the people left standing at your funeral, trying to figure out how they’re gonna live the rest of their lives now without you in it."

Because look at him. That’s what he’s thinking. Scott’s in trouble and there’s danger all around, but Stiles doesn’t move. Even when everyone else starts to run off, he doesn’t. He’s watching Derek with this terrible look on his face, because Derek is dying. He says he’s not, but Stiles sees it. And what is he going to do if he comes back from this rescue mission and finds out Derek is dead? How will he be able to go back to Beacon Hills, go back to school, go back to life if Derek is dead?

Scott is in terrible, unknown danger, and Stiles can’t even move until urged to go multiple times because “What am I going to do if Derek dies?”